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Hotels In Albany And Schenectady – Something To Keep In Mind

Flowing through the winter months, the Taconic State Parkway transports travelers all across New York State as it winds through the historic town of Albany. Each and every year, the annual celebration is held on February 11, with the Governors Island Parade to celebrate the New York City Port Authority’s contribution to the local economy.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of nightlife, you might consider a stay at a hotel in the greater Albany area. The city is home to the Hudson River Casino Hotel and Convention Center, where all the gaming action takes place. Both events are free to attend, which will certainly put a smile on your face after a long day in Albany or visiting the Albany casino itself.

You might also consider staying in the City of Schenectady for some sightseeing. The Schenectady Art Museum and the Albany Botanical Garden are both worth seeing, though you will probably want to pack warm layers if you plan on attending any of these museums. It’s worth stopping by the History Museum of Albany, which has some pretty interesting displays about the early history of the city.

Perhaps the most popular attraction in Schenectady is the annual Maritime Festival. This festival features the love of sailing, with the headliners including Robert Fulton, Captain Morgan, and Thomas Cook. The event usually occurs in late January, with many of the leading ships out there such as the Osprey, RMS River Queen, and other vessels throughout the Northeast, making it very popular and a very popular trip for many people.

When staying in a hotel in Schenectady, you might consider eating out, as there are many fine restaurants here. You can get some of the best steak and seafood around, but you’ll have to eat outside, as there is no public transportation to this area.

Casinos are not only for those lucky enough to win large sums of money at a casino table. These casinos are open all year round, and there are many hours in the day when you can actually catch some time on one of the many slots and poker tables. So if you’re interested in betting yourself on a game, then you should definitely consider a casino holiday.

Traveling around the Northern Tier is something that is quickly becoming an increasingly popular pastime. If you enjoy being outdoors, then you should definitely consider the opportunity to spend some time in the Allegany and Taconic State Parks.