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A Brief Review of the Rivers Casino Chicago

The Rivers Casino Chicago is located in the River North neighborhood and has a location that is perfect for tourists and Chicago residents. But does it really make sense to call it a casino?

the rivers casino chicago

For one, the size of the room is pretty small for a good night of gambling and you are probably already too drunk and you won’t enjoy it too much. And if you want to play in a casino then River North is where you want to be because it’s full of casinos and bars that are too close to one another.

There is no sense in calling it a casino when there is such a vast variety of games at any given casino that you can find anything and everything. So if you are visiting Chicago for the first time, do not bother with the River North location. You could visit the Illinois State Capitol, which is just as nice but it is only about three blocks away.

What would you rather have a casino in, an amusement park or a casino? That is a completely different conversation but the one I am sure that you will not have one. If you are gambling then, you are not really gambling.

Anyhow, the Rivers Casino Chicago is located in a busy area in Chicago and is in close proximity to the Illinois State Capitol. It is a huge hotel, but that does not mean that it is a five star hotel. It is only four floors and rooms don’t come with a balcony. The closest hotel with a balcony is actually two miles away and it costs nearly double.

However, even the balcony is not that great and the food is not that great either. Also, the hotel gives a free shuttle every day and takes you to the State Capitol. So you can stay there for free!

There are several other locations of casinos in Chicago, so do not bother with the River North location of the Rivers Casino Chicago. I will not say no to staying in a casino but it would be better to go to the State Capitol!