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Rivers Casino Poker Room Chicago

So you’ve decided to go to Rivers Casino Poker Room Chicago? I must admit I got a little excited when I saw that this place even existed, and I decided to make my way there. I was pleasantly surprised!

As the name suggests, Rivers Casino Poker Room is located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. I will confess that I’m not the biggest fan of Chicago as a whole, but I’m pretty sure that I will become a fan of this place once I’m there. I’m in love with the river, the architecture, and everything else about it. I am also in love with Chicago’s Bears, so that may be why I decided to go to Rivers Casino Poker Room.

The first thing that you should know about Rivers Casino Poker Room Chicago is that it’s on the far eastern edge of River North. It is located at the intersection of North Avenue and North Western Avenue. It is one of the bigger casinos in Chicago and is pretty crowded right now. I’ll assume that you are a relatively new gambler so you won’t have much trouble finding tables to play at.

My friends and I were able to try out the River Street Room so we could get a sense of what the Rivers Casino Poker Room Chicago offers. This room is a large open room that is lined with bars and tables. We went in and it looked like a giant dance hall, but with tables. We sat down and had a good time playing poker and getting drunk off our favorite cocktail concoction.

Once we got out of the River Street Room and were able to sit back down at our own tables, we discovered that this place has a very different feel from Rivers Casino Poker Room. Here, people look kind of businesslike but also a little sedate. People who are playing online poker in Rivers Casino Poker Room seem to be the gamblers, which can be kind of intimidating when you see how many guys are sitting down at a table that seems to be set up to keep women away.

The gaming experience is a lot more structured at Rivers Casino Poker Room, though. There is a casino host who keeps the place well organized. When we arrived, she greeted us in the lobby and was friendly. She also took our credit cards, paid for us all, and then let us know that our drinks were ready.

Once we were seated, I noticed that there were very few girls at Rivers Casino Poker Room. In fact, it was mainly men who were sitting around tables playing poker. I couldn’t tell you why they were there, but it did remind me of the guys who run the online poker sites, which is a bit odd, I suppose.

After a few rounds of poker, it was time to go home, so we headed over to North Ave to visit the North Chicago Mini Mart, where we bought something to eat and then headed home. We left Rivers Casino Poker Room Chicago a little hung over, but nothing too bad. It was the best day ever. If you’re thinking about going to Rivers Casino Poker Room Chicago, please get there as soon as possible so you can experience the magic that’s going on there.